Bring R.E.A.L. H.O.P.E. into Your Discussion

This is your website.  It is to give you a real voice, you all deserve to be heard.  Everyone has something interesting to say, so always let them speak and even if you disagree, listen and think about it.   Please help to make it a place where you have R.E.A.L. H.O.P.E.   The world is watching YOU, your generation will change the world.

We have links to sites around the world, foreign students may register and post their ideas as well.  They are our guests, so share what you are learning with them, break the I.C.E. – Inspire, Challenge and Empower.

Discussion Guidelines

  • This forum is for discussing issues about helping the community in positive ways.  It is to generate new ideas and possibilities.
  • Ideas will be voted on.
  • You may register a user name and provide a contact email address before posting your ideas, if you do not register use only your first name.
  • No bad language.
  • Do research on the internet before posting you ideas.
  • Respect the opinions of others and if your research supports a differing idea, say it nicely, and paste the web link to make your point.
  • Use the subjects to inspire, challenge and empower.  We are sharing different ideas about the world.
  • New Subjects will be added as more students get involved.
  • A Moderator will be reviewing comments and if guidelines aren’t respected or your posting is about other issues not related to the Children’s Discussion Forum or community, the moderator can deny you access to the Forum.

Some ideas for making this discussion forum one of excellence worldwide.  Remember R.E.A.L. H.O.P.E.

Responsibility:   Everyone is responsible for what they say.  Please treat everyone politely and with respect.
Empathy:  If you want to know if what you are saying is helpful or not, ask ‘how would I feel if that was said to me’.
Awareness:  Learn from others.  Ask them questions.  You will learn and grow.
Love:  Nonviolence is the Children’s Forum.  Lead by example and be non-violent in the words you say.  Gandhi never used a bad word.  He loved and respected everyone.

Honesty:  Speak your truth to others.
Oneness:  We are sharing this site together. Include others in your discussion.  Accept differences.
Peace:   Peacefulness is speaking kind words, patience, letting others talk and making this site fun.
Enjoyment:   To make this the best site. Post up some jokes, make others laugh but never in a mean way. 


Teachers may guide students through the use of this web site and supervise the use of language and show them how to use the site.

Teachers please keep in mind that this site has been set up for the students to express their opinions on issues in their lives.  It is not to be used as a forum for Teachers express their own opinions.

Teachers can use some of the issues raised to conduct classroom debates and perhaps resolve issues to improve teacher student relationships that my not have otherwise arisen but for this forum.  Or recognize issues at other schools that may relate to their own school and better deal with them through better understanding.

Presentation for teacher/moderators on how to use the forum.


Have fun and make this the best time of your life.  If you use this as we have asked, it will change your life and may make the world a better place.

Presentation for students on how to use the forum.